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It is impossible to tell the precious metal content of any item simply by looking at it.Precious metals such as old, silver, and platinum are too soft to use alone for making jewellery, cutlery and other goods.During the Sub-Prime Mortgage driven Stock Crash of 2008, the U. Stock Market plummeted from a DOW high of 14,164 to touch a low in 2009 of 6,547.Few investors escaped unharmed when Stocks fell 53%.Addition of some copper gives "rose gold", a soft pink colour.Remarkably other colours such as purple (a gold:aluminium alloy), blue (a gold:indium alloy) and even black (a gold:cobalt alloy) may be formed.Iron Gold takes place ten years after the events of Morning Star (2016), with Darrow "The Reaper" of Lykos and Virginia "Mustang" au Augustus leading the new Solar Republic.

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Cartoon by Nick D Kim ([Science and Ink], used by permission).- In a world filled with fiat paper currency thanks to Washington spending, we have a burgeoning national debt crisis. As the anti-Dollar investment, Gold rises in value long-term as the value of the U. Only an immediate and rapid reversal of policy can put Americans back to work, and get the country on the right track.Added to that are massive state and local debts, the risk of a Bond defaults, currency defaults for the Euro, and the U. Until then, we recommend you consider a core holding of up to 25% of your immediately liquid assets in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other inflation fighting commodities.A mutiny of military factions in October 2004 resulted in the death of the head of the armed forces and caused widespread unrest.In June 2005, presidential elections were held for the first time since the coup that deposed Ialá.

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