Dating Regensburg

Gourmets will find a variety of clubs, pubs, and restaurants of diverse ethnic cuisines.

There are hundreds of kilometers of hiking and biking trails around the city, especially along the Danube river.

Most ėppen kėszülök a padlóról felállni.várok egy kėzre mely segit.

Nem vagyok tökėletes, hibáztam , hibázok , ės mėg rengetegszer fogok is .

Applications cannot be processed until all materials have been received.

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Nem beletörödö, ės nem megalkuvó , vidám, positiv gondolkofásu magára ės környezetėre igėnyes nö vagyok.

Likewise, a recreation center is open to all students.

Useful information for exchange students can be found here.

Train rides to Nuremberg, Passau, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna and even Budapest are most unforgettable.

Undergraduate students in their sophomore year with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or better and sufficient knowledge of German are eligible to apply for the Regensburg Program.

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