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Aqua Legion UK Ltd is a specialist Legionella Risk Assessment and Water Monitoring Consultancy.We specialise in the delivery of independent legionella risk assessments and water management or monitoring services to businesses and individuals throughout London and surrounding areas.If you require a legionella risk assessment, legionella control programme, temperature monitoring programme, legionella management service or water testing or water sampling service and you are in London; contact us for our most competitive rates.However, it is also important to accept that whilst we may not always be the cheapest, we will always aim to be holistically the best!

However, it is important to note that we are unable to receive water samples that have already been collected.

All of our water sampling, analysis and testing services include a Consultant or Technician visiting your site to collect a fresh sample from the source to be tested.

All samples are then submitted the the laboratory within 6 hours of collection and no more than 24 hours for legionella and chemical examination.

Our Business is built from an Environmental and Social Sciences background.

Therefore, promoting sustainability and helping to reduce the UK’s carbon foot print has always been of paramount importance.

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