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The Settings Context provides information about the user.You can use the information as a primary key to retrieve profile property information for the user.The code below adds a new property for age that is of type Int32. However, it is also possible to allow the use of profiles in an anonymous application using the When an anonymous user browses the site, ASP.NET creates an instance of Profile Common for the user.(You cannot define a profile in a sub-folders web.config file.) The code below defines a profile to store the Web site visitors first and last name. Therefore the First Name and Last Name properties are both of type String.The default data type for a profile property is System. As previously mentioned, profile properties are strongly typed. When used in combination with Forms authentication, each user has a separate profile associated with their user ID.

The Settings Property Value Collection contains a collection of Settings Property Value objects.Calling the method also updates the Last Activity Date and Last Updated Date values for the specified user profile to the current date and time.Takes as input a string array of user names and deletes from the data source all profile information and property values for the specified names where the application name matches the Application Name property value.In some cases, however, you may want to develop your own profile provider. NET profile feature enables you to easily use different providers. Used to set options and property values for the provider instance, including implementation-specific values and options specified in the machine configuration or Web.config file.You create a custom profile provider when: To implement a profile provider, you create a class that inherits the System. The application name that is stored with each profile.

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