Intp and infj dating site

ENTP is often referred to as the “perfect type” for INFJs.(You can read more about that here.) INFJs with INTPs The ENTPs introverted counterpart, INTP, can also be a great match for INFJs.Extroverted Feeling is the Inferior function of INTPs, meaning many of this type (especially younger INTPs) who haven’t fully developed this lower function will become cold and closed-off when the INFJ expresses something that makes the INTP emotionally uncomfortable.Awareness and understanding of the needs of each type when it comes to intimacy and emotional support is important in an INFJ-INTP relationship. What are some of the benefits and struggles of your relationship? Their shared N and J means that these duos are extremely future and goal oriented, and therefore can be extremely productive.INFJs and ENTJs also compliment each other in their differences.

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Since both types are introverted and intuitive, they often enjoy many of the same things, such as lengthy and in-depth one-on-one discussions, and are both fascinated with learning new things and taking in new theories and ideas.

Both types have unique approaches to life, a trait that initially draws them to one another.

According to , “INTPs are drawn to INFJs because of their warmth, integrity, and emotional availability.

However, they are still very logical and rational in their thinking and decision-making.

This paradoxical set of characteristics is usually what initially attracts INFJs to ENTPs.

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