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There is no paperwork that explains who came to this conclusion. Harper would not agree to be interviewed for this article but responded to some written questions. could use improvement and clarity regarding what factual conclusions were drawn," she wrote.Harper answered similar questions by repeatedly saying that the district concluded the girls' accounts were "rumors," according to court records reviewed by The Oregonian/Oregon Live. Ultimately, the catalyst for Whitehurst's downfall wasn't his conduct with female students, but a male school administrator. Remember, we will need to receive your check by the Online Registration Cutoff date (usually the Friday before the School begins) or else there will be a processing fee (instead of the processing fee). Are Schools of Power and Love able to help find me transportation from the closest airport to the host church? Power and Love’s staff is very busy and we are not able to help with these arrangements. Please check our local hotels web site to see the distance the hotels are from the Host Location. Would I be in the dark to begin attending on Thursday afternoon or evening? What do I do if I’m a full time student but I do not have a student ID? When we receive your check, we will email you a confirmation and then you will be able to register as a “Fully Paid Alumni” (See steps in Question #3 above). How will I be able to go out during the times of “Love in Action”? Usually not but you would have to contact the hotels to see if any of them would provide this service for you. Will I be close enough to walk from any of the hotels to the School location?

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How will I know where to go during the “Love in Action” times? Often we have a company working with us to video and audio record the sessions so that you can purchase the ones you missed. Although the sessions to some degree, build on one another, we encourage people to attend whatever sessions they can. Complete the Name and Address section but Do NOT enter your credit card information or the Billing Name and Address section.

What is Power and Love’s definition of “Paid in Full? I attended a school of Power and Love in the past but received a discount. This is usually about more than the full conference rate. I attended a school of Power and Love in the past but received a discount. If you paid for and attended a full school in the past, then you are eligible to become a “Fully Paid Alumni.” The amount you still owe depends upon a number of factors including the price of the school at the point you registered and how much you paid.

Are Schools of Power and Love able to help find me transportation from the closest airport to the host church? Starting in 2014, you would need to actually register at the particular rate which indicates you will receive future schools at no charge.

Youth 12 years old and older must register and pay for the school. Transferring of registrations cannot be done at the door. I want to attend this school but cannot afford the registration fee. If you cannot afford a School and would like to attend, we have limited Financial Assistance. The cut off for online registration is always the Wednesday prior to the start of the school. You must register using the SAME name and SAME email address that you registered with at the last school you attended.

They are out praying for people and it is amazing how God uses them. You may transfer a registration to another person of the same status by emailing us at [email protected] the Wednesday before the beginning of the event with the Name and the transaction # of the person canceling and the Name, Address, Email address, Church attend and Phone of the person who will be taking your place. Remember, your job will be to team up with the “less confident” ones during the times of “Love in Action.” If you are a “Paid in Full” Alumni (see what this means below), you can register at no charge as long as: 1. If you try to register at the door, you will be charged a fee.

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