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The main population centres are Castries and Vieux Fort.

Sugarcane was formerly the chief crop, but production ceased entirely in 1964, when most of the cane fields were converted to banana cultivation. Other crops are coconuts, cacao, citrus and other fruit, spices, cassava, and yams. Saint Lucia’s manufacturing sector has been a major beneficiary of the U. Caribbean Basin Initiative, a program designed to promote manufacturing in the region.

She appeared as a guest on the show in the season 9 finale, attending Whitfield’s housewarming party and fighting with Moore.

It is the second largest of the Windward group in the Lesser Antilles and is located about 24 miles (39 km) south of Martinique and some 21 miles (34 km) northeast of Saint Vincent.

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Near Petit Piton, in the crater of an ancient volcano, are the boiling sulphur springs from which the nearby town of Soufrière takes its name.There is also a lizard unique to Saint Lucia, and the agouti is common.No Caribs remain on the island; the vast majority of the inhabitants of the island are black and there is a small minority of mulattoes and other mixtures.The forest, which has been reduced through lumbering, contains colourful orchids and anthurium.The rich birdlife includes the Saint Lucian parrot (the endangered national bird), the Saint Lucia black finch, and the Saint Lucia oriole.

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